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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to help you find the answers to questions you may have as well as share general information about our school.

What are the attendance requirements for YASD?


THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE RESTS WITH PARENTS AND STUDENTS with the school assisting them to fulfill that responsibility. If students miss more than 10 days per semester, they will be dropped from school for that semester and will have to reapply the following semester.

STUDENTS MUST ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for regular school attendance by attending and participating in each class regularly and at the assigned time. All students are expected to be in school, on time, each day.

PARENTS MUST ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR CHILD'S REGULAR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE by stressing the significance of being in school and on time each day during the school year.

Parents must notify the school by phone at 759-8126 each day student is absent, and by a note upon the student's return.

Reasonable attempts will be made by the school through phone calls or mail to inform parents/guardians of student absenteeism. Regular school attendance is basic to the success students attain from their high school programs.

Student participation in class discussion, listening to lectures, clarification, and explanations and viewing or listening to audio-visual materials are considered integral parts of the educational program. It is impossible to gain the full significance of any class presentation through make-up work; therefore, students, parents, teachers and administrators must make every effort possible to ensure regular school attendance.

YCHS maintains records of all student absences. Class attendance is reported every class period to the attendance office to assure parents that the school is concerned about the welfare and location of their sons and daughters, as well as to comply with the Arizona State regulations regarding attendance reporting.

Arizona State law requires students must attend school until 16 years of age or passing of the GED TEST.

What is the grading scale?

Courses are assigned a grade based on the following scale:

  •     A = 90-100   Excellent
  •     B = 80-89     Above Average
  •     C = 70-79    Average
  •     D = 60-69    Below Average
  •     F = <59        Failing

What is the school schedule?


Morning Session Only:    
8:00 - 1:15 p.m.    




Morning Session: Afternoon Session: Evening Session (M-Th Only):
7:30- 11:45 a.m. 12:30 - 4:45 p.m. 4:45 - 10:00 p.m.

What if my son/daughter must be absent?

Parents must notify the school by phone at (928) 759-8126 or by note each day students are absent, or by a note upon the student’s return. The note should contain the following information:

  1.         The student's name
  2.         The date returning to school
  3.         Dates and days missed
  4.         Reason for the absence

Can my son/daughter complete makeup work due to absences?

Students must complete makeup work for all absences (excused or unexcused) within the same week as the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to make arrangements for missed tests or assignments.

What if my student is tardy?

Tardiness is unacceptable and must be made up during the next available alternate class session. Three tardies in one quarter constitute an absence and must be made up in the next available space in an alternate class session.

Will a school day ever be canceled?

In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel school or start late due to weather related issues, please tune in to one of the following radio stations or call (928) 759-8126 for YASD closure information.

  •     KVRD 105.7 FM
  •     KAHM 102.1 FM
  •     KPPV 106.7 FM
  •     KQNA 1130 AM

Can my student go off campus during school hours?

YASD has a closed campus policy. Students are required to remain on campus throughout the day unless they have written parental permission to leave and return during school hours.

Does YASD have a dress code?

Students should dress appropriately for the educational environment. Clothing should not include advertising, promotion or pictures of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs or illegal substances, sexual or violent behavior, or lewd, vulgar or offensive language. Clothing should not be see-through, and should cover appropriate areas of the body. Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not allowed. Please see the Student Parent handbook for a full list of dress code requirements.

Any student violating the dress code will be required to wear a YASD Dress Code t-shirt.

What items should not be brought to school?

Students will be required to check in cell phones and electronic devices with teaching staff prior to the beginning of a session. Items will be returned at the end of each session UNLESS it was confiscated during class. In that case, the device will be given to the dean of students and the parent must meet with her to retrieve that item.

Are cell phones allowed on campus?

Cell phones are not allowed on campus.

Does YASD provide busing services?

We do not provide busing or other student transportation.

May my son/daughter park on campus?

Students may drive to school and park on campus if they have filled out the proper forms and receive a parking permit. Students must present a valid Arizona driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, and a signed statement of authorized parental permission.

Does YASD provide any special services or programs?

At Yavapai Accommodations School District , we provide the following services:

  •     Guidance counseling
  •     Substance Abuse counseling
  •     Speech Therapy
  •     School Psychologist services – evaluation, group, and individual counseling
  •     Homebound instruction for prolonged illnesses
  •     Special Education Services

Does the YASD have a gifted program?

Yavapai Accommodation School District offers many opportunities for students to develop their special talents. The co-curricular program offers daily opportunities in art, and accelerated courses in English and Mathematics are offered at all grade levels. Students may also participate in district, regional, and state competition in most academic areas.

What are the YASD graduation requirements?

All students graduating after June 2013 will be required to meet the following graduation requirements.

Class of 2014:      
Course Credits
English 4.0 Social Studies 3.0
Mathematics 4.0 CTE/Fine Arts 1.0
Science 3.0 Electives 7.0
    Total Credits = 22.0

Students graduating after 2017 are required to meet the following graduation requirements.

Class of 2018:      
Course Credits Course Credits
English 4.0 CTE/Fine Arts 1.0
Mathematics 4.0 Service Learning (including Comm. Svc.) 1.0
Science 3.0 Electives 6.0
Social Studies 3.0    
    Total Credits = 22.0

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